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SOJ Membership Fee

SOJ Membership Fee

50 USD
This is for Membership into the 'School of Judah'

Online Classes Every Sunday - (Link & Password is Emailed to paid members only)
Classes will pertain to the miseducation of the masses both Israelite & Gentile.
All Topics Covered with Open Forum for Q&A. 
All Educational Materials included for members. 
Membership Fee is $20 per month
New Members = $50 & Includes: One Complete Israelite Bible w/Apocrypha
One copy of Precept Upon Precept for dummies & one Official SOJ Tshirt. 
Information of how to add fringes to your shirt is included. 

Increase Your knowledge of the bible, history, customs and traditions of the ancient hebrews, &d discover the secrets of prophecy concerning end-time events. 
This information is not taught in the christian church or in any religious group.  We ask that this information be spread as our people can only be freed by the truth. 

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