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The Israelite Bible (1611 w/Free Shirt)

The Israelite Bible (1611 w/Free Shirt)

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Own the Complete Bible as it was Authorized by King James in 1611. The Israelite Bible with Apocrypha. Buy Now and Receive a Free King James only Tshirt.
Include Size Requested in Order Comments. - Make a Statement with Fashion. The Most High Enables King James to Distribute the word to the children of Israel in English Because after slavery it would be our most dominate language. This language also known as a strange tongue when compared to the Ancient #Hebrew. See Ezekiel 3 - For thou art not sent to a people of a strange speech and of an hard language.. & Isaiah 28:11 -Find more styles when you join the Facebook Group (Judah Fashions)

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There is no greater gift we can give a person than the opportunity to read the complete Bible in the privacy of their home. Centuries ago, enemies of the truth removed books from the KJV Bible and have hid them limiting the spiritual education of bible believers worldwide. Help us to distribute the complete scriptures as it was authorized in 1611. When you donate $50 or more we will not only send you a copy of the Authorized 1611 Israelite Bible which originally included the Apocrypha, but we will also send you a Free KJV-Only Tshirt for helping our cause. Peace Be Unto You.